Why Choose Arkansas Mutual?

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As you make the extremely important decision of who to trust with your medical malpractice insurance, ask yourself a few very important questions:

Are You Paying a Fair Price For Your Coverage?

Arkansas Mutual is a mutual company, owned by our policyholders. Arkansas Mutual will never overcharge you on your premiums to make money for outside shareholders. We provide medical malpractice insurance to our physicians at net cost. Any unused premium is either used to strengthen the company or is returned to our members.

In addition, we treat and underwrite every applicant as an individual. Each case is reviewed in detail, and on its own merits, and your coverage and premium are tailored to your situation. Our premium is based on the projected cost to pay reserves for anticipated losses and operating expenses. After losses and operating expenses have been paid, any remaining funds will be returned to policyholders.

Is Your Company Behind You?

When you buy medical malpractice insurance, you are not simply protecting your finances; you are protecting your professional reputation. When a claim is made against an Arkansas Mutual doctor, there are some things you can count on:

  • We defend good medicine.
  • Your consent is always required before any claim is settled.
  • You will receive guidance and support throughout the process.
  • The attorney panel is set by you — the owner/policyholder.

We know that some claims are valid and our objective is to offer fair and swift compensation to any injured patient in these cases. However, there are hundreds of claims filed every year in Arkansas that are without merit. Some insurance companies settle these claims because they think it is cheaper to make a payment than to incur the expense of lengthy litigation. Arkansas Mutual is completely opposed to this approach. When the medicine is defensible we will not settle, but vigorously seek vindication of our insured.

If you’ve had a claim, you know how stressful that experience can be. Do you feel it was handled in YOUR best interest, or in the best interest of your insurance company?Arkansas Mutual’s highest priority is protecting our customers and their professional reputation.

Arkansas Mutual Is Strong, Stable and Secure.

Arkansas Mutual is extremely strong financially and ideally positioned for long-term growth and success. As we grow, adding more of Arkansas’ top private practice physicians, the focus remains on growing the right way, with a conservative, fiscally responsible approach to capitalization, pricing and admissions.

To gauge the long-term stability of an insurance company, just look at its reinsurance support. Reinsurance companies are experts at assessing an insurance company’s financial strength and the way they do business. They decide whether a company would be a good risk to reinsure. Reinsurance is crucial for long-term success because it allows an insurance company to transfer risk to other companies and protect its assets. Arkansas Mutual has reinsurance support from “A” rated reinsurance companies on every policy. This is to protect the company’s assets and provide the capacity to offer higher limits.

Putting Arkansas Physicians First

What makes Arkansas Mutual stand apart from other companies? One thing is our dedication to service. If you have a policy with us, you own the company, and we are dedicated to providing the kind of service an owner deserves: The kind of service you don’t get from large, commercial, stock insurance companies.

As an owner, you have a voice in how the company is run, and the opportunity to actively participate in guiding the direction of the company.

History has shown that physician-owned insurance companies are the most successful over the long-term. When we created Arkansas Mutual, we studied the most successful physician-owned companies in the country, learning from their successes and mistakes. The result: a best-in-class mutual insurance company that is unlike any other insurance option available in Arkansas.