Report a Claim

When Should you Report an Incident or Claim? 

You should let us know if you have encountered an unanticipated outcome, incident or potential claim, are served with a lawsuit, receive a letter from an attorney stating that they are making a claim on behalf of a patient, or are contacted by a licensing board or regulatory agency that states they are commencing an investigation. 

In order to proceed, we require written notice of the incident or claim through our new, user-friendly website form. CLICK HERE to access the Report an Incident/Claim form. Once completed, an Arkansas Mutual representative will be in touch to assist you with next steps. 

Please note that you will be transferred to to complete the incident/claim form. Arkansas Mutual, along with MMIC and UMIA, is a member of the growing Constellation family of medical professional liability insurance companies, and provides products and services designed to help physician groups, hospitals, and senior living and long-term care communities manage risk, support physician and care team engagement, improve patient care and achieve business goals. Because good care is good business.