Reporting a Claim

When to report a claim

AMIC requires that the insured report the circumstances of any alleged medical incident to the company as soon as practicable, even if no papers have been served or medical records have been requested. We don’t want you to worry about a medical incident that could lead to a claim. We can discuss your options, take swift action, and you can have piece-of mind. AMIC is here for you, so you can keep your mind on what’s most important: your practice.

We are not the enemy! Your premium rate will never be affected for notifying us about a claim, or possible claim.

If any of the following papers have been received, AMIC requires that immediate notification be made:

  • Demand for compensation
  • Notice of claim letter
  • Lawsuit (which would contain a citation and petition)
  • Medical records request
  • Request for deposition

How to report a claim

If you have received any of the above requests or documents, please call Ryan Schott at 952-847-4397.

Be prepared to forward every demand, notice, summons or any other materials received from the patient or authorized representative. Please fill out our new online Report an Incident/Claim form. Do not fax or email patient information or records!

Gather copies of all pertinent medical records, correspondence notes, hospital charts, and any prior or subsequent treatment records. Familiarize yourself with the patient and incident.

Important Information

The statute of limitation can vary depending on the circumstances. Generally the action for a medical injury in Arkansas is 2 Years from the date of the malpractice incident. Special time periods can exist for, but not limited to, minors, insane persons, and persons imprisoned out of state at the time the cause of action occurs.

Arkansas Mutual never settles a claim without consent from our policyholder.

Our insured’s have the power to choose their legal representative, but we can offer advice, guidance, and support if needed when choosing the right fit for your lawsuit.