HealthCARE Transformed

What is HealthCARE Transformed?

HealthCARE Transformed is an online customer service training program specifically designed for the healthcare space. In the clinical setting it is often difficult to find time for training, and it can be even more challenging to retain that knowledge for it to really be of any value. HealthCARE Transformed changes all of that, and has found success in transforming the culture of the clinic with their online curriculum.


What are the benefits of HealthCARE Transformed?

Increased Patent Satisfaction
Increased Patient Retention
Increased Communication
Increased Productivity
Increased Teamwork
Increased Income

Why are we reimbursing the training cost for HealthCARE Transformed?

Arkansas Mutual has partnered with HealthCARE Transformed because we understand excellent medical care is no longer enough in this competitive, changing healthcare industry. We believe that to maintain outstanding customer service, training tools need to be easily accessible and reviewed often. Additionally, when we apply the principles from HealthCARE Transformed it can also lower our risk of litigation. Ultimately, this helps us lower the costs across the board for all of our members. Therefore, Arkansas Mutual has committed to reimburse the training cost for each employee who successfully completes this training.

How does this reimbursement process work?

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