4/15/20 Webinar: Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic During the Height of the Storm


Presentation date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Presented by Bob McNaney
Padilla Senior VP of Crisis + Critical Issues

Organizations large and small in every corner of our country are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. Health care organizations sit on the front lines of this battle. The steps you take, the words you say have never mattered more. The actions you are taking within your organization will mean the difference between a well-managed event or a situation that puts your patients’ or residents’ health at risk and your organization’s reputation in peril.

This webinar, hosted by Constellation in collaboration with our crisis communication partner Padilla, will address best practice considerations during this critical time.

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge to:

·         Discuss best practices we are seeing throughout the country now that the wave of illness is hitting hard.

·         Understand how best to communicate with your employees during times of stress, fatigue and fear.

·         Identify operational considerations – you don’t want to do something that will create a new crisis.

·         Re-evaluate how you work with the media and how to respond to a flood of negative news.

Presenter: Bob McNaney
Padilla Senior Vice President of Crisis & Critical Issues

Bob McNaney is a globally minded crisis management and crisis communications strategy counselor who drives results by supporting organizations of all sizes through crisis and issue response, crisis-preparedness management, executive and senior leadership counseling and media coaching.