Mutual Interest Fall 2013: AMIC Welcomes New Board Member Jason Lofton, MD

AMIC IS PROUD to announce that Jason Lofton, MD has joined the Board of Directors. Jason is a family practice doctor practicing in DeQueen, AR. Jason was born in Texarkana, TX and lived in Oklahoma, Arkansas and North Carolina as a child. His family moved back to DeQueen in 1994, his senior year of high school and he has called DeQueen home ever since. Jason is Texas born but he is Arkansas educated. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in  Fayetteville and then medical school at UAMS. He did his residency training in Family Medicine at the AHEC in Fayetteville.

Jason is married to Cindy Lofton whom he met at the U of A. “I knew she was the type of person I wanted to marry, but she was a freshman at the time and she wasn’t interested in an older guy who was too serious at the time.” Jason said. They met again when he came back for his residency and the rest is history. Jason and Cindy have four lovely children: Oaklee, Olivia, Silas and Hannah Grace. Their family enjoys the outdoors and they recently bought 10 acres on the Little Missouri River where they plan on building a hideaway cabin for their family.

Jason enjoys life in DeQueen. “It is a very diverse and laid back community. DeQueen is 50 % Latino which provides me a chance to practice my Spanish and it also offers a cultural diversity not found in some small Arkansas communities. I had originally planned to fulfill my 4 year committment in the Community Match Program and then move to Mexico to be a medical missionary but once we got plugged into our local church and started building our lives here, we realized that this was where God wanted us to be.” Jason said.

Jason is proud to be associated with Arkansas Mutual. He says, “ I appreciate the relational aspect of the company. Being an Arkansas company I have come to personally know many of the people at Arkansas Mutual and have a relationship with them. I feel like I am more than just another doctor and that Arkansas Mutual has my best interest in mind and that they would have my back if I was ever involved in litigation.”

Jason is dedicated to improving the health of his community in DeQueen. His goal is to get his patients to eat healthy, exercise and quit bad habits such as smoking. “I have a vision of seeing DeQueen as the white spot on the red obesity map some day. I know it is a long and difficult goal but if I can change one patient at a time then eventually a healthier community can evolve.” says Jason.