Medical Malpractice: Broken Beyond Repair?

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By Robert Glatter, MD, Contributor to Forbes

Every physician in the US will likely face it at some point in their career—a malpractice claim. On average, a physician can expect to have a claim about every 7 years, according to available data and specialty.  However, based on findings of a recently released study by the RAND Corporation in the journal, Health Affairs, waiting for the resolution of these claims can take up more than 10 percent of the average medical career.  In fact, some specialists will spend nearly a third of their career with open claims.

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Arkansas Mutual Insurance Donates To Impaired Physician Fund

From: Steve Davison, Director of Marketing, Arkansas Mutual Insurance Company
Date: February 11, 2013

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Little Rock: Arkansas Mutual Insurance Company, a medical malpractice insurance carrier for Arkansas physicians, recently donated $15,000 to the Impaired Physician Program administered by the Arkansas Medical Foundation. This is the third annual donation by Arkansas Mutual Insurance Company to this critical support program for
physicians in the State of Arkansas.

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