Patient Safety & Risk Management

Arkansas Mutual Patient SafetyRisk Management and Patient Safety is a preventative practice of identifying and correcting system weaknesses that lead to poor patient outcomes, adverse events, and claims. Arkansas Mutual’s mission for our policyholders and their staff is to benefit from the self-assessments, checklists, resources, tools and courses that we can provide on our website and through personal contact with the Risk Management team to minimize risks and improve patient experience.

We offer a thorough risk and patient safety assessment tool that will help identify processes for improvement.  The completion of these assessments and undertaking of performance improvement actions will lead to a benefit of reduction of risks and increased patient satisfaction.

Contact the risk team:

Rebecca Tutton, JD RN
Director of Risk Management

Additional Resources

We are pleased to offer our Arkansas Mutual clients access to the risk management website on our sister company On this customer-only website you will find a have access to a variety of risk and patient safety tools, resources, assessments and other solutions. You can gain access to this great resource by registering on the MMIC website. Register Now >>

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